What can you do if you’re depressed?

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How can you build up some more mental resistance against depression and depression? Here are some concrete tips that can help you on your way.


Healthy living

Through healthy living you get more resistance
Ensure sufficient sleep
Opt for a healthy diet
Moderate with alcohol and coffee
Beware of the use of medication
Do not smoke


Take regular time to relax. The alternation between stress and relaxation is good for your physical and mental health.
Take care of a quiet moment every day and allow yourself time to rest.


Not everything you do has to yield immediate results, such as talking to the neighbours, with the children to the playground or just enjoying the sauna.
Do nothing at all. Just let go for a day without having to do anything.
Don’t forget to enjoy the little things of life.


Physical exercise is good for your body. But it also ensures that you get more control over your stress. Moving doesn’t have to be complicated: go to the shop more often on foot, take a walk or take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Above all, try to move in the open air.
Talk to others. That helps you to hold on to it.


It is important to express your feelings. People who can talk about things that happen from within feel better, both mentally and physically.
Expressing feelings can be done in many different ways: talking, writing, drawing, writing songs, crying or laughing.