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If you’re struggling with your own thoughts, whether it’s just that you’re feeling rotten or that you can’t get rid of the thoughts of suicide, it’s important that you don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, but share them.

You can think that you’re everyone’s burden and that you’re all alone. If you think that, that thought can strengthen itself further and further. You may start to wonder what it would be like to be dead. Or who would come to your farewell service, for example? It is important to start talking about these thoughts.

It’s impossible to predict how people will respond to your story. Not everyone is able to handle it properly. For some it can be very difficult to hear that sometimes you would rather not live anymore. But usually there are enough people to tell your story to. So don’t wait to start the conversation.

Family or friends.

A good friend you trust can be a good first step. That you don’t walk around with a secret anymore can help a lot!

A confidant.

This can be a professional via (you can call or chat with them 24 hours a day) or a preacher, youth leader or mentor. Do you prefer to mail? Send us a message now ”

Talk to your doctor. Sometimes the melancholy thoughts come from a depression. Depression is a disease that is caused by a chemical balance disorder and is usually treated with medication and/or therapy. The doctor can also help you to find the right care provider.