Where is God in the mourning?

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What if you lose a loved one? It is like a huge earthquake, according to Willem Vermeijden. He lost his daughter to suicide in 2012. In the earthquake that causes it in his life, the ideas about God also become uncertain.

You encounter God or you’re losing him

In everything that happens if you lost someone you love, you can lose God or you will just meet him. A crisis like this often causes a whole change in your worldview. It also depends very much on what idea you have of God. One is especially wondering why God has done nothing about it. If he is good then why did he not do anything?

God in suffering

Willem knows God in a different way. The question of God does nothing about his situation is not especially the question for him. He had an experience with God in his suffering. He experiences this as if he is being born again, gaining strength that comes from elsewhere: the power and love of Jesus Christ keep him alive in his suffering. It is the message of the suffering of Jesus Christ that gives comfort. You are not alone!

Discover more?

Do you want to know more about God and faith? Go to jesus.net and go on a discovery tour. You can also talk to volunteers there.

Willem Vermeijden works as a coach and teacher and want to use his experience to help other people who lost someone they love.