What is the meaning of life?

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Does life really make sense? Perhaps a higher goal? Dr. Pieter Hoekstra, logotherapist and theologian, takes a very old idea that even existed in the old Jewish faith. The human soul would have existed with God for a long time. However, the child has forgotten everything at birth. And in life, we are actually going to discover again what we may know for a long time in our soul.

Your soul…

Your life is actually only a piece of the whole existence. Your soul always lives. At death, the soul goes back to the creator, as it was at the beginning. Then the soul knows everything again.

What is the purpose of your life?

Through all kinds of circumstances, you can have lost the whole view of the goal of existence. Everything can seem useless, hopeless and dreary. Discovering that your life is woven into a larger reality, that your soul is inextricably linked to something that transcends life here and now, can put your life in a whole new perspective.< If you want to discover more about God and how you believe you can give a new perspective, go to the website jesus.net