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What can you do if a friend, colleague or other neighbor struggles with thoughts of suicide, or does not see life as a result of depression? Jan Mokkenstorm, involved in 113.nl (Dutch organization of national suicide prevention), addresses this question.


People are stuck between problems that they can no longer solve and between pain (mental or physical pain) that they experience as unbearable. Often it is not at all the case that they really want to step out of life, but at that moment they see no other way out to deal with the pain and the problems.

Tell your story

Just a conversation in which there is an honest question about this can greatly help to get out of those grinding thoughts. You help the other person just by asking, without a judgment. So make contact and make sure that the other person does not end up in solitude.

You can always talk with us

Are you stuck of yourself? You can always call, day and night, to [0900-113]. You can also take others in confidence to talk about it. For example your teacher, a minister or your chief at work. Make sure that you do not have to carry your secret with you alone. You do not have to go through this struggle alone.