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We hope that your visit to this site will be a special visit.

This site was developed to encourage people not to give up hope and as a tool to give direction to a situation that seems hopeless. We hope that your visit will be the occasion to contact us.

This site was developed by the Agapè foundation, an interdenominational organization that employs Christians from different types of churches, and Jesus.net, an international organization that believes that if the world had more of Jesus, this world would become more beautiful. We are all different as humans, none of our stories are similar. But we certainly have one thing in common: there was a day in our lives when we realized that God loves us.

We work together with Christian and secular organizations, including 113 and the GGZ. You will find links on the website to relevant organizations that can help you if your life has become too much. Do not hesitate to contact us or any of the other organizations. For direct contact, we would like to refer you to 113 suicide prevention measures (available 24 hours a day).

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