Secret weapon against depression

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He was depressed and eventually received help through the depression association. His secret weapon against depression? Realizing that there is no secret weapon!

You can be ashamed of a depression. It can feel as it is your own fault, that there is a cause in yourself. Depression, however, is a psychological illness that can be caused by various causes. You can not just prevent it. Accepting your own depression, that you may be depressed, is an important step. There are also no magical methods that can suddenly make all complaints disappear.

What can you do?

  • Try to stay in touch with others. You may feel that you want to remain in bed all day, but the contact with others can help you. Look for a way that suits you to have this contact.
  • It’s okay to not feel okay. A severe depression is a disease that makes you less able to enjoy the things you used to be happy with, or where people in your environment are happy with.
  • Also try to keep moving physically. You can try walking or cycling. Being outside, even if it’s just a small round or the walk to the supermarket, helps you to get out of the gloomy routine.
  • Dare to postpone difficult decisions. If you are depressed, it is often not the right time to make big decisions. If important choices have to be made, ask a friend or someone you trust for advice.
  • Try to keep a healthy sleep rhythm. So at regular times to bed (not extra early) and stay no longer in bed than you were used to.
  • Seek distraction in things you can still enjoy. That way you can do positive energy. For example, reading a book is too complicated for you, perhaps an audiobook will help you.