When you’re left behind after a suicide

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Her boyfriend committed completely unexpected suicide in 2015. Sanne and Dennis (At that time both twenty years old) were four years in a relationship. Sanne Kooiman tells about her experience when she was left alone after Dennis’s death.

Dit interview is onderdeel van de documentaire die Sanne heeft gemaakt. Bekijk daarvoor Stichting Scherp »

The self-chosen death of Dennis was for Sanne the reason for starting with the youth platform: ‘Stichting Scherp’. By this platform she’s able to create awareness through her documentaries and campaigns about depression, suicide, and social pressure. Dennis was an extravert person, but he never said something about his depression.

Never seen or noticed anything

You can not always notice on people if they are depressive. Sanne saw it when it was to late for Dennis. She never noticed or saw something.