So incredibly tired

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She was so incredibly tired, and there was nothing that seems valuable. Some have emerged a thought how nice it would be to be death. But she was ashamed to tell their story to someone else. It did not help her to hear from others how valuable life was. What she needed was someone who really wants to listen to her.

Are you worried about someone? Or do you recognize to be trapped in your own negative thoughts? Stop doing this alone. Talk with someone about your secret. Maybe you can find someone you trust for example your doctor, pastor, soccer trainer or your supervisor.

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What can you do with negative thoughts?

How can you become stronger in your depression? Here we have some relevant tips that can help you.

Healthy lifestyle

  • You get more resistance through healthy living
  • Ensure adequate sleep
  • Choose healthy food
  • Moderate with alcohol and coffee
  • Watch out for medication use
  • Do not smoke


  • Take regular time to relax. The variety between stress and relaxation is good for physical and mental health.


  • Not everything you’re doing has to be productive. Sometimes it’s good to have a talk with your neighbor, to go out with your kids, or to relax in a wellnessresort.
  • Choose a day to do nothing. Just a walk without restrictions.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the small things in life.


  • Physical activity is good for your body. But it also gets you more control over your stress. It is not complicated to move. Walk to the shop, make a walk in nature or take the stairs. Try to move outside. Tell others about the things you want to do. That will help you to be accountable.


It is important to express your feelings. People who talk about their feelings feel better from inside and outside. There are different ways to express your feelings: Talking, writing, drawing, writing songs, crying or laughing.

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