I jumped of the Golden Gate Bridge

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Kevin is one of the 2000 people who jumped of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He is one of the few people who survived his suicide attempt. He tells about it to show the struggles of people with suicidal thoughts. Watch here a short video of him.

Kevin was convinced that his life had no value anymore. This thought was growing in his mind. It’s like your trapped in your own mind. No one cares about me. It’s better for me and the people around me that I am dead.

In the few seconds when he fell down from the Golden Gate Bridge, he was thinking what am I doing. He regrets his choice. After that he thought: No one will ever know that I didn’t want to be death.

Do you really want to be death?

Clinical Psychologist Martin Steendam researched whether suicidal people really want to die. In this video he tells about it.