Ashamed of the thoughts

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He was busy, worked hard, highly sensitive. In the night he was restless and he has to go to the doctor. It turned out he was manic depressed. He felt so ashamed about his feelings of suicide. The non-stop thought to be dead, but if someone has told him that he was not the only one with this negative feelings, things had definitely turned out different.

If you’re struggling with your own thoughts or you just feel worse or you can’t stop thinking about suicide, it’s important that you share your story with someone else. Maybe you think that you are inconvenient for others. If you think like that, the thought to be dead will be stronger. You will be wondering how it will be to be death. Or who will be at your funeral? It’s important to talk about these things.

Talk about your thoughts

You can not know how people will react on your story. Not everyone can handle these things well. Some people will be afraid to lose you if you tell them that you don’t want to live anymore. But there are a lot of people who can listen to you without fear or a judgment. So don’t wait to tell someone about it.

Who can I tell my story?

Family or friends. A good friend can be a good first step. To be free from your secret thoughts can help you. A confidential adviser. This can be a professional, a pastor or a coach. You can also contact us. Talk with a doctor. Sometimes the thoughts are caused by a depression. Depression is a disease, who is caused by a chemical disruption inside your mind and is being treated by medicines or therapy. A doctor can also help you to find a social worker who can help you.