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Often the whole process of suicide and everything it brings with it is a very lonely path. Is there anyone who understands you? And what will happen if you share these dark thoughts with someone else? Do they think you’re crazy? Are you leaking out then?

This fear works as a kind of prison. It gets darker and more oppressive. That’s why you shouldn’t go through it on your own. You are on this website. We want to be next to you. There are people who have stories about similar situations. There are volunteers you can get in touch with online. We want to show you the way to social workers if necessary.

Don’t keep it to yourself

The most important thing is: don’t keep it to yourself. That is the first and most important step you can take. You can talk to us (send us a message immediately), talk to friends, to people you trust.


Below we have some tips for you. All kinds of tips that can help you further to see light in the dark again, discovering hope in life. I sincerely wish you that.